Permanent Memorialization

Family Pet Cremation & Burial Services offers families a state-of-the-art crematory, together with our tested tracking system. Our goal is to provide you with greater peace-of-mind, and a deeper sense of security in knowing your animal companion is tended by our staff, and never leaves our watchful care.

Our tracking system assures you that the identity of your pet is known at all times, and that you receive only their ashes. For more details on this unique tracking system, please call us at (205) 592-0095.

Individual Cremation Care

Individual Cremation Care

Family Pet Cremation & Burial Services offers families individual cremation, so that you know your beloved companion receives our complete attention. This process typically takes 48-72 hours.

Our charges for individual cremation include an urn or custom engraved wood box, and a clay impression of the paw.

  • 1-25 lbs= $275
  • 26-55 lbs= $325
  • 56-95 lbs= $350
  • 96-150 lbs= $400
  • 150 + lbs= $450

Additional services:

  • Local home pickup during normal working hours = $150
  • Local home pickup after hours/weekends (excluding holidays) = $250
  • Local home pickup on Major Holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day) = $500
  • Home pickup 20-100 miles radius is an additional $100 over the charge for home pickup
  • Same Day service = $250
  • Same Day service with visitation = $350
  • Mailing/home delivery of ashes within 20 miles = $50
  • Additional paw or nose prints in clay or ink = $30 

Communal Cremation Care

Communal Cremation Care

Because of the nature of this type of cremation, your pet’s cremated remains will not be returned, but scattered with the cremated remains of other pet companions.

Please call Family Pet Cremation & Burial Services at (205) 592-0095 for more details on our Cremation Options, or stop by to tour our on-premises cremation facility.