History & Staff

The staff of Family Pet Cremation & Burial Services has come into being to care for the families in Birmingham with full and open hearts, compassion based on personal experience, and the deep desire to help families heal from the loss of a beloved pet.

While our facilities are brand new, our intentions are deeply-rooted: to give families and their pets the finest professional service, with only the highest ethical standards. Yet there’s more to it than that: this service will also be grounded in respect, compassion, and love.

Every family who comes to us does so because they know we are dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity. Our staff members know what our client families are going through after the loss of an animal companion, because we’ve been through it ourselves. There’s nothing like personal experience to create human connection, and our client families feel that closeness.

Our History

Our History

Family Pet Cremation & Burial Services was founded in 2011 when our family realized that there was a real need for a pet funeral business in North Alabama that was focused on providing a high level of service.

To our veterinary associates, our goal is to enhance their practice by enabling them to partner with a firm that gives their patient/clients a high level of care after the death of a pet.

For our client/families who come to us directly, our goal is to assist them with all of the different aspects of final disposition of their friend, while giving them access to resources to assist them with the healing process.

If or when the time should come that they are ready to introduce a new pet family member into the household, we want to continue to be available as a resource to responsible, compassionate industry contacts for all aspects of pet care and wellness.